What clients have said.

Adam Vadeboncoeur

I’ve been an endurance athlete (mostly running) for 20+ years, but just recently started being truly focused and committed - primarily on marathon and ultra distance. After qualifying for Team USA -50k Road I started browsing for the right coach that was going to help me continue to grow as a runner. I was fortunate to discover Kathy in July ‘23 and after 1 phone call immediately got onboard. The last 12 months have been exciting with running a 2:52 50k, racing internationally for team USA, and taking 6.5 minutes off my marathon PR (2:17:56). Big goals in 2024 with 100k Road National Championships (a new distance for me) and hoping to progress my marathon time lower at Grandma’s.

Sam Teller

I moved to Colorado in March 2021 to compete in triathlon. Kathy has been with me every step of the way along my triathlon career. From amateur to pro. Kathy has been a great sounding board, moderator, and overall coach. These qualities have helped me stay healthy and make great improvements as a runner. I have really appreciated her approach to coaching and her guidance as I have moved away from the highly competitive, often to my detriment, world of Division 1 track and cross country. Her experience as a distance runner with a long career gives me a lot of confidence in her training and has taught me a lot. I am excited to have Kathy guiding me as I continue to venture farther into the world of professional triathlon.

Estelle Richardson

Since working with Kathy as my coach and training with Run Boulder AC I have set PRs in the mile, 5k, 10k, 15k, and half marathon and have placed in competitive fields including 15th at the 2024 USATF 15k National championships. Kathy has an amazing ability to create effective training plans for each individual and can assess when more or less volume is needed - there is no ”cookie cutter” approach as she knows each athletes has unique needs. Any athlete who works with Kathy will be fortunate to have her belief in their potential, deep knowledge of running training, and her consienten and thoughtful support.

Ali Hummelberg - 2nd at Leadville 100 2022

Kathy has transformed my running over the past three years. When I first moved out to Colorado, I had not even run a marathon. Kathy progressively increased my total running volume keeping me injury-free, enabling me to gradually increase race distance. I ran a trail marathon, followed by a 55k, 50 miler, and ultimately the Leadville 100 mile run. During the Leadville 100, I had never felt stronger, more durable, and peaked at the perfect time. That was all due to Kathy’s excellent coaching and knowledge. She’s responsive, caring, understanding, and modifies her workouts depending on how the athletes feel - which is an imperative coaching skill that sets her apart. I feel so grateful and lucky to have Kathy as my coach.

Nathan Button

I had been trying to break 3 hours in a marathon for a number of years, but couldn't ever quite get there. After an unsuccessful and frustrating attempt at Grandma's marathon in 2018, and a PR of 3:05, a friend told me I should start working with Kathy and was confident she could help me hit my goal. I started working with Kathy before the Indianapolis Marathon in 2019, and was able to drop over 10 minutes off of my PR. Since then, I've run 6 more marathons with Kathy and set PR's in 4 of those (and all when I was over 40 years old). Overall, she's helped me drop my PR now by over 20 minutes! I can't speak highly enough of her expertise and the training she's provided.

Mickey Davis

I started working with Kathy, who came highly recommended and did not disappoint! Her tried and true workout plans, down to earth disposition, and customization of training to fit my life - which includes a full time job, part time job, and other hobbies- makes for a successful combination.

Steven Grams

Kathy’s training has been without a doubt the most effective training I have ever had. She is always easy to get a hold of for last minute adjustments, or rescheduling when you have an odd week. On top of that, she is very good at taking the workouts the group has, and tailoring them more specifically to the distance you are training for.

Nicholas Turco

In the short span of 4 years Kathy took me to realizing my dream of becoming an international competitor and competing with the best in the most competitive trail running circuits in the world. Kathy has coached me through my first successful completion of the Golden Trail World Series. In this series she has coached me to two consecutive top American finishes in the infamous Marathon du Mont Blanc in Chamonix France and a 3rd American finish in the infamous Sierre- Zinal Trail race (also part of the Valsir Mountain World Cup). She has also coached me to a road marathon PR of 2:26.

The Colorado Athletics Visibility Award

Krystal Anne Curwood

Not only does she challenge you, but encourages and listens to you. Her workouts and nutrition strategy gave me strength as I went through ups and downs mentally and physically. She knew that I had gone through a tough time outside of training, and life was just getting the better of me, but during workouts and runs, she made me feel wanted. She made me feel as I had a home and the team became family. She made me see that I became stronger and that those moments can be overcome by just taking one step in each rep at a time. …She has guided me to achieve a 1:16 Half Marathon and a 2:45 marathon at California International Marathon in 2017, qualifying for the Olympic Trials.

Rodrigo De la Hoz

After 2 years of running, and following all kinds of pre designed coaching programs I wasn't moving forward. I increased my mileage and effort but the PB's where very difficult to improve on. After 5 months with a bespoke program by Coach Kathy I started to get serious, I began to improve and also became more motivated. I'm training for my first marathon and I have no doubt I'll be in good shape. Under Kathy's coaching I have acheived PB's of 41:40 for 10k, and 1:34:58 for the HM . Rodrigo De la Hoz Bogota, Colombia.

Lindsey Koch

Within six months of training with Kathy, I dropped my best times including a 36:14 10K and a 1:18:45 Half Marathon. She also helped me achieve a dream of mine, which was to run for one the best college cross country teams in the nation! Thanks to the workouts and skills that I gained through Kathy’s training, I was offered a spot on the cross country teams roster.

Dave Janis

Kathy helped me get involved in running and is training me for my first marathon. I started out running a few miles a week on the treadmill at the health club last year. Now, seven miles seems like an easy run. Kathy has been available to help me with all my questions and concerns from when I started as a novice runner last year to getting ready for longer races this fall. She is a great coach and fun to work with.

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